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Organize Seeds Now for Efficient Planting March 22, 2010

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Until this year my seed organization system consisted of storing seeds, some tools, often my gloves and from time to time the kids’ water balloons in a wooden box on the side of the house.  The box was dry, the seed packages were closed and I did my very best to write the year of purchase on them.  It worked. But this is better.  So much better!

Seed Box

Nicely organized seeds make for easy planting

Start with an oversized shoe box, or any moderate size box. Use cardboard from another box to make monthly sections on the left, and a couple other sections on the right including continuous planting, herbs and misc flowers.  Seeds are stored by the month they are to be started. If you’re a true organizational keener, take another moment and affix a large envelope to the lid for quick access to planting cheat sheets and a Seed Catalogue of choice. There are probably prettier ways of storing seeds, but this is 100% recycled, free and works really well.

My seed collection to date is primarily heirloom purchases.  This is, however, the year that I plan to get serious about seed saving.  Seeds will be stored in reused mailing envelopes, with pertinent details marked.

Ready, set, plant!!!!!


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