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Rose Petal Love August 15, 2011



Yesterday the kids spontaneously started collecting the fallen rose petals.  They were freshly fallen and pretty much perfect, so I suggested we bring them in for a rose bath. They added a few sprigs of lavender and had a spa treatment soak at home.  What fun! The whole bathroom was filled with intoxicating rose aromas and the kids relished the indulgence.

So often I think of our garden as a source of food production – I find beauty in its usefullness, in its ability to provide for us. As such, I view the flowers as a means to an end. They attract the bees and the butterflies.  Sometimes they ward off the pests. They dot the garden with bits of colour and some of them can be eaten.  But I have long neglected to enjoy the flowers to their fullest.

That’s changing. For whatever reason, this year I’m taking absolute joy in the delicious uselessness of beauty for the sake of beauty. I’ve begun cutting fresh flowers for a vase that now lives on our table. The kids and I have plans to dry flowers next week. And now this, a rose bath.  The change may be attributed in part to the housebound state I’m currently living in as a sort-of-stay-at-home-works-every-possible-opportunity-never-finds-time-to-relax mom or maybe it’s because after a year of renovations, I’m craving the beauty.

Thank you kids, for reminding me to enjoy the pretty petals.


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