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About February 5, 2009

Beach TimeIn our adventures striving towards greener living, we stumble daily, often find ourselves laughing in a mud puddle, dust off and keep going.  And that’s OK.  We aren’t perfect green ambassadors.  But we are ambassadors for change.  And it is our hope, my hope, that my family’s efforts to live a more sustainable life can inspire and educate others.  So I share our gumboot adventures – enjoy!

My family of four lives a busy little life in the grand city of Vancouver, BC on the West Coast of Canada. Although we are extremely privileged to also spend much time in the coastal surf town of Tofino, it’s primarily an urban life and as such, often demands choices that stand stark contrast to the values that we try to incorporate into all facets of life.  That said, I firmly believe that sustainable living in the grand scheme requires that we as a culture, society and world find ways to live in sustainable cities.  So that is what we strive towards.  Every day is wrought with double standards – some of them entertaining, some of them sad.  But every day is also filled with challenges unfolding and green goodness spreading. We aren’t able to be as green as I wish we could be – I’m yet to build that cold cellar I’m dreaming about – but we do our best and hope that by sharing, you will too.

While most of my gumboot adventures take place in the garden – you’ll find posts here that relate to urban gardening initiatives, natural family living, local & seasonal food planning and other eco friendly choices that present themselves daily.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Looking forward to your posts, Tovah!

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