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Gardening Resources June 18, 2009

The greatest resources for your own Green Gumbooting are a little time and a sense of adventure.  That said, I’m often going back to a few publications, which include:

How To Grow More Vegetables By John Jeavons

How To Grow More Vegetables

How To Grow More Vegetables*, *(and fruit, nuts, berries, grains and other crops) Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine by John Jeavons, 7th Ed.

The classic book on GROW BIOINTENSIVE® gardening for beginners to advanced gardeners.

My lovely husband bought me this book for last year and it took about 2 weeks to arrive.  It’s already dog eared!


West Coast Seeds Catalogue

West Coast Seeds Catalogue

West Coast Seeds Catalogue. Beginning in early December the Seed Catalogue featuring over 500 varieties of grower quality varietes. In early June 2009 they ship out the first fall planting catalogue featuring overwintering varieties, garlic, fall planting bulbs and perennials.Best of all, this fabulous resource is FREE.

All the catalogue information and varieties are featured their their web site.

The Gardening Resources section of their site also contains a wealth of information.



2 Responses to “Gardening Resources”

  1. leeoliphant Says:

    I just ordered my “West Coast Seeds Catalogue”. Thanks for the tip.

    While I live nearly 1,000 miles south of you, I have found your site very useful. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for reading Lee. You’re site is chalked full of great advice as well!

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