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Rainy Day Tea Party July 18, 2011

Rainy Day Tea Party

Rainy Day Tea Party

Rain rain go away…  We’ve been trying hard not to sing the mantra. There is no point whining about things that are completely out of our control and since we live in a veritable rain forest, we’ve spent the past six years instilling in our family an embrace-the-rain attitude. Or at least a don’t-let-it-stop-us attitude. We splash in puddles.  We make mud pies. We ride bikes in rain pants. But this summer is trying everyone’s patience – it’s mid-July, we’d really love to see the sun!

The garden is sad. And wet. And muddy. The early crops are coming along nicely.  Pig Peas. Crisp Lettuce. Sweet strawberries. But it’s mid-July! MID-JULY.

This afternoon we took a break from the wet, muddy garden and tried to enjoy the cool home.  When the kids appeared with the porcelain tea set in hand and hope written all over their faces we decided to stage a tea party. Which meant that cookies needed baking. Which meant the oven needed to be turned on. I have a rule that if the oven is heated, we use it plentifully.  So it turned into a roast making, cook and baking, garden fore-saking sort of day.

In our house tea parties are all about sweet manners and sweet treats. In true form, the kids were lovely – using their best pleases and thank yous; and always serving the other first. It’s such a fun way to practice manners – I don’t think the kids have ever had a disagreement during a tea party. The peppermint tea was store bought, but I have big plans for our own mint this year and hope to build on the herbs next year, so hopefully we’ll be making our own tea soon! The cookies were Almond Thumbprints, from Double Delicious, a recipe we’ve never tried before but will definitely repeat.


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