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Pick Your Radishes and Eat Them Too June 12, 2009

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Early Harvest - Radishes

Early Harvest - Radishes

Until recently, I’d thought of radishes as sort of dried up little nugget things – bland in flavour and full of nasty bite. But all that has changed.  This year, inspired by a neighbour, I planted radishes.  I planted radishes not because I wanted to eat the radishes – a thought which actually filled me with a certain sense of dread. I planted radishes because I realized that if I planted radishes I could harvest them in June.  And that was exciting!

It’s June.  And we’ve been harvesting radishes en masse.  Eating them.  Handing them out the neighbours.  Chopping them into salad. Loving the colour and the sense of really harvesting something so early in the season.  But having now started to exhaust the novelty of fresh radishes-in-salad and raw-radishes-with-homemade-hummus it’s time to branch out.  A little research has revealed that while radishes aren’t known as the bell of the garden ball, these early temptations are much more versatile than we give them credit for.

With my darling husbnd away,  I’m  juggling the kiddos, and work, and the garden and volunteering  single parent style, so my recipe mandate was healthy, delicious, mostly local and the priority of the day – fast or prepare-ahead-able.

Pickled Radishes.

A bit of sugar, but worth it –

Baked Radish Chips.

My kids love home made veggie fries.  But I’d never thought to bake radishes.  Steam instead of putting them in the microwave to maintain maximum nutritional value.

Radish Relish.

Yes, it’s pink. And it’s a great way to use the end of the radishes when you tire of them.  This recipe does require citrus, which isn’t available locally.  I can’t seem to give up lemon.  It’s just too good!

And though I haven’t had a chance to try this one, I’m yet to be dissapointed by any of Alanna’s fabulous recipes.  So from A Veggie Venture (Kitchen Parade), try Creamed Radishes with Pimenton

My four year old is admitedly more excited about the pod peas.  And the one year old is all about the snap peas.  But I have to say, I’m a little over the moon about radishes.  Who knew!


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