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Tea, Mint and Mint Tea June 4, 2009

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I’ve been jiving on tea the past few days.  It’s a miracle substance really.  Flavoured water.  Hot or cold.  Refreshing.  Invigorating. Calming.  There is a tea for everthing and I am oft found enjoying a cup of tea.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m also oft found abandoning half drunk cups of tea.  Usually in the office.  Which is another story entirely – but not unrelated.

Those abandoned cups of tea have their purpose.  They are nitrogen rich infusions for your plants and garden.  I had forgotten this until recently. And I am delighted to now have a reason, a purpose, a defense, for leaving the cup of tea half full.  Not that the tea-to-the-plants fact is news. I remember with a certain nostalgia that that my mother would pour the reminants of her tea pot into our house plants when I was a child.  She probably still does. I don’t have house plants (those are something that, gasp, my mother has). And until recently, I’m ashamed to admit, my tea often went down the drain. No more. Tea is for the garden.

Think of the benefits.  Teaing the garden provides the plants much needed nitrogen without purchasing anything outside the scope of your usual consumption habits.  If your tea is organic, so is your nitrogen. Furthermore, tea bags can be reused twice for garden tea.  And then composted.  Eat your heart out coffee.  There is the packaging associated with the tea – bulk tea being least the offensive and individually wrapped bags being the recipients of the George Bush award.  But with a little thoughtful buying, the waste can be kept to a minimum. And for die hards – you can make your own tea.

Which takes us right back to the garden.

Mint is taking over it’s little plot in my yard at a furious rate – propelling me to search for mint tea recipes.  Gillian at mytinyplot (one of my favorite resources for gardening know how) posted a great recipe last week and I’m itching to try it this weekend. I’ll keep you posted!


One Response to “Tea, Mint and Mint Tea”

  1. Barun Says:

    Yet another advantage of dringking tea……………………..

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