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Starting Seeds April 10, 2009

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Seed Starting Success

Pea Shoots - Seed Starting Success

The first seeds were started in our playroom window mid March – right before my maternity leave drew to a close.  In past seasons, I’ve been notoriously late getting the garden in.  This year, I’ve vowed, will be different.  So the first batch of seeds were diligently started a little early.

We started two varieties of peas, three varieties of tomatoes broccoli, parsley, dill, zucchini, and red peppers.  Everything was started in reused cardboard egg cartons that I’ve been saving for this purpose all year.  When the plants are ready to go into beds, we’ll cut the egg cartons apart, break the bottoms and pop them in the dirt as is.  The plants, earth and worms will work their magic and “tada” – decomposed egg cartons that don’t take resources to be recycled.

We also skipped the seed starter soil and opted to use soil from the beds.  This worked well for everything except the red peppers.  Only one lonely red pepper plant has braved existence.  I’ve heard that peppers can be temperamental, so I’ll try again with seed starter soil.

In the meantime, I love the smell of earth that’s filled the house. It’s that hopeful spring smell that means sunny days and juicy treats are on their way.  But for now, a little more water and another egg carton for those tricky peppers.


2 Responses to “Starting Seeds”

  1. leeoliphant Says:

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. I am going to try growing potatoes in a bale of hay next year. Every heard about it? Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’ve never tried growing in Hay, but understand it’s pretty awesome! Potatoes (and other tubers like sweet potatoes) can be grown in hay on short cut lawns or even directly on top of concrete. And Hay make such lovely nutrient rich compost at the end of the year – I may just incorporate a little Hay growing into my garden plan for this coming year. I’ve also read that grass cuttings can be bound and work the same way. Anybody tried that? Thanks for reading!

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